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Cafe Menu / Breakfast

The Works Sandwich - eggs, ham or bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato $9.25
Breakfast Sandwich - eggs, cheese, ham or bacon $7.95
Breakfast Sandwich - No Meat-eggs, cheese $6.25
Delices Omelet - eggs, sautéed ham, tomato, bell pepper, onion, served with cheese & avocado (no substitutions) $8.75
Apple Walnut Cheese Omelet - eggs, fresh apples sautéed with cinnamon and walnuts $9.25
Vegetarian Omelet - eggs, choice of sautéed potato or spinach served with cheese and avocado $9.25
Eggs with Meat -  cheese, ham or bacon $7.95
Eggs No Meat - with cheese $5.95
Creamy Scrambled Eggs - scrambled eggs with cream, cream cheese & herbs $7.95
French Toast $6.85
Side of Ham, or Avocado $2.25
Side of Bacon $3.00
Extra for Egg Whites $1.00
Side of Fruit and/or Hash browns $2.75