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Whipped and bavarian cream filled in a baked crust. Topped with glazed fresh fruits.
$ 32.03
Chocolate mousse and Fresh Raspberry. Decorated with Chocolate ganache.
$ 45.61
Delicate shreds of carrots, chunks of pineapples, and generous bits of raisins blend with cream-cheese filling to jazz up the cl... More
$ 45.61
A rich chocolate sponge cake is layered with a smooth ganache cream, iced with chocolate ganache, and topped with chocolate swir... More
$ 45.61
Airy chocolate sponge cake is covered with creamy chocolate mousse and is capped with chocolate rosettes of fresh whipped cream.
$ 45.61
Three layers of fluffy white sponge cake are filled with a tangy lemon curd, iced with white cream, and garnished with shavings ... More
$ 45.61
Three layers of white cake filled with whipped and bavarian cream and sliced fresh strawberries. Decorated with white cream and ... More
$ 35.55
The classic Italian dessert cake.Kahlua,chocolate mousse,and Tiramisu cream combine to flavor this mouth-watering multi-layered ... More
$ 45.61
Three layers: Cake, filling, and topping. There are 4 types of milk in the filling and topping.
$ 45.61
A light sponge cake is filled with chunks of tropical fruit (optional) iced with whipped cream, and trimmed with a white border.... More
$ 45.61
A lovely creation filled with alternating layers of puff pastry and Creamy Custard Bavarian and Whipped Cream.
$ 41.08
Contains Nuts